Credit Card Merchant Services

January 30, 2018 - Sage Payment Solutions Announces Company Rebrand to Paya

Paya is all about making your business life easier by empowering you to incorporate the process of taking payments whenever and wherever it makes the most sense for you and your customer.  Whether it is in the back office, at your storefront, at your customer's location or at a craft show, Paya has the answer.  And best of all, if you couple this with a Sage Accounting/ERP solution, all the payments you receive automatically post and reconcile back to your Accounting/ERP system.  Paya does more than just provide merchant processing.  Paya provides comprehensive business solutions that include:
  • A complete suite of payment solutions including credit and debit card processing, mobile solutions, Virtual Check (ACH), Check21 processing, gift and loyalty programs, internet shopping cart and much more.
  • A processing environment that is a safe and highly secure PCI compliant platform removing your business from the scope of PCI.
  • Solutions that require no IT resources which means it is both simple and affordable to have the best practices environment to run your business at peak efficiency!

If your business is ready to accept debit and credit cards, either in your retail location or on your website, Paya has what you need to take your business to the next level. 

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