DocLink integrated document and workflow solution powered by Altec, electronically captures, workflows, routes and archives business documents and reports to reduce handling costs and improve communication.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of DocLink:
• Reduces filing, faxing, searching and copying costs.
• Eliminates cabinets and form costs.
• Streamlines accounting processes, resulting in decreased cycle times for monthly closes.
• Allows users to retrieve supporting documents instantly and easily.
• Increases accounting department productivity by as much as 40%.
• Traditionally returns an ROI of nine months or less.
• PLUS!  Go GREEN to protect our environment!

Capture documents generated internally and externally.
• ERM (Electronic Report Management) print captures and automatically indexes documents and reports.
• Capture scanned and faxed documents.
• Print capture documents from Microsoft® Office.
• Automate capture and indexing with OCR, Barcode and XML import.

Workflow processes provide control and approval of documents.
• User configurable to move documents through business processes.
• Automate business rules to streamline processing.
• Configurable approval stamps and annotations.
• Export capability to eliminate data entry.
doc-link Smart Form for custom data capture and entry.

Schedule and distribute documents automatically based on receiver preferences.
• Automatically distribute documents to recipients based on their preferences – email, fax, FTP or print.
• Templates can be created to isolate and communicate data to the exact needs of the recipient.
• Supporting documents can be collated behind primary document for automated distribution.

Access & Share
Retrieve, view, annotate and route documents instantly.
• Document access is fully protected with role-based security.
• Full audit tracking of all actions to a document.
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EZContent Manager for Sage
Maximize Your Sage ERP Investment
ACOM helps organizations close the information gap between their enterprise software applications and the unmanaged processes and data they need to run their businesses.
Investing in document management brings real and tangible returns.  Our clients quickly realized a measureable ROI on the investment in as little as six months or less.
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