Human resources (HR) represents the life and energy of any organization. Accurately administrating a company’s work force is vital to its success and growth. The Sage HRMS module allows companies to manage information based on their unique HR structure and needs. Data is entered just once and is shared with the entire HR system — leaving time to address strategic business issues that support recruiting and maintain a competitive work force.

One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks of running a business is payroll preparation. The Sage 100 Payroll module makes in-house payroll preparation easy, providing you with the ability to process it at a fraction of the cost and time that a manual payroll system or outside service bureau might take. In addition, the reporting capability gives high-level business insights into employee deployment and costs, enhancing your ability to make the right business decisions.

Timekeeping is also an essential function of human resources. Several options are available for a seamless timekeeping system for your company.