Fixed Assets/Depreciation


Sage Fixed Assets

Designed for those who want to manage their fixed assets, and not have their fixed assets manage them, Sage Fixed Assets offers a comprehensive solution to meet the unique requirements of any business.

Providing you with the flexibility you need to satisfy your specific requirements, Sage Fixed Assets is a comprehensive solution that provides advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features for businesses needing effective decision-making tools in integrated accounting environments. It offers more than 50 depreciation methods including MACRS 150% and 200% (formulas and tables), ACRS, Straight-Line, Modified Straight Line (formulas and tables), Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Years-Digits, and user-defined depreciation methods.


The Sage Fixed Assets family provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting, depreciation and reporting features for companies needing effective decision-making tools to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Sage Fixed Assets enables you to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycles of all of your assets from acquisition to transfers and disposals, and maintain reliable, relevant, useful data.  For more about Sage Fixed Assets click here.