Sales Tax Solutions

Sage 100 with Avalara Ava Tax: Extending the Power of your ERP
Sales tax ready at the flip of a switch. You already have the power to easily manage sales tax at your fingertips.  Why? Because it's already built to run seamlessly in the ERP you know and trust.  Avalara's pre-built integration with Sage lets you manage sales tax end-to-end in a fraction of the time of your current process.
100% accurate rate calculation, 0% workload.  No matter how you get tax information into your system today, Sage Sales Tax removes the effort and uncertainty of looking up rates on government websites across 12,000+ jurisdictions, researching product/service taxability across every state and more than 200 countries, uploading and maintaining complex tax tables.  When rules and rates change, your system is automatically updated in the cloud.
Streamline your workflow.  Sage Sales Tax lets you apply a single tax schedule to every customer.  The integration also saves time by eliminating data entry, address verification, and a host of other manual tasks you currently perform by automating real-time calculation for every transaction - all from the cloud.
Automates your returns.  The fully integrated returns solution lets you review a single combined liability worksheet and file returns in every jurisdiction with a click.
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