Warehouse Automation (Bar Coding Solutions) – Scanco

Automate inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, bill of materials assembly and disassembly, sales order shipping and other business processes when you use Scanco’s integrated bar code suite to automate data entry. The bundled hardware and software suite is provided by Scanco, the bar code vendor of choice for Sage 100 Bar Code module customers.

Scanco’s Bar Code suite enables your employees to quickly capture inventory receipts, shipments, and work order material issues, sales order entry, and other Sage 100 business transactions reducing time-consuming data entry and costly human error. With one mouse-click, data flows from the bar code system to the Sage 100 database processing.

The Sage 100 Bar Code module, coupled with Scanco’s Bar Code suite, allows distributors, manufacturers, and other companies with high volumes of inventory, shipment, or manufacturing transactions to leverage modern windows CE.NET and Windows Mobile technologies to streamline their operations. Many customers realize a return on investment immediately.
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